Common Services a Locksmith Can Offer

7 March 2023
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A lock is essential to every house, office and several other places in people's lives. Therefore, you may need a locksmith at least once during your life. 

The following are some common locksmith services and when you might need them.

Upgrading Locks

In response to burglars becoming smarter and more sophisticated, traditional locks are slowly becoming obsolete. In some cases, burglars can manipulate old locking systems with only a pin. Pick-resistant locks can be a good solution for those concerned about their security.

An experienced locksmith can assist you in choosing the right lock for your home and installing it for you.

Key Duplication

You receive a set of keys along with your new lock. You eventually give the extra keys to family members or use them to replace lost or broken originals.

You'll need to purchase another set of keys if there comes a time when you don't have any extras on hand. Locksmiths can help in such a situation. The locksmith will make several duplicates of the original key for you to unlock the door.

Locksmiths have specialised equipment that can consistently cut an accurate copy of your key.

Locks Repair

Locks typically last a long-time without requiring repairs or maintenance. However, you may have problems now and then, such as jammed locks.

If you're experiencing problems with your lock, a locksmith can determine whether it needs repair or replacement. Locksmiths can provide on-site repair services if needed.

Emergency Lockout Assistance

Misplacing your keys can happen to anyone at any time. Additionally, the key may break during the opening process. You may find yourself locked out of your home when such circumstances arise. Thankfully, many locksmiths offer emergency services.

A lockout service can help you open your doors without causing damage to your property. The locksmith will unlock the door, make replacement keys or change the locks.

Additionally, an emergency locksmith service is always available at any time of the day or night.

Lock Rekeying

Many homeowners lose their keys at some point and become worried someone may find and use them to access the home. Or maybe you just moved into a new home and don't know who else has a key to your door. If that's the case, starting fresh with a new set of keys is best.

As a result, lock rekeying is a standard service by locksmiths. Rekeying means the locksmith replaces the working key of the lock but keeps the lock. You keep the same lock, but the old key will no longer work. 

Look for an emergency locksmith company in your area that offers a comprehensive range of services, and don't be afraid to ask questions.