Why It Is Time Your Commercial Locks Got Smart

25 January 2018
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Modern locksmiths have come a long way—from the days when locking mechanisms were purely mechanical and could only be operated by engaging and disengaging locks manually, to today when there is a plethora of automated locks available on the market. Throughout this transition, one thing is obvious—technology has played a pivotal role in the revolution. 

If you want your commercial premises to benefit from this development, you should consider installing one of the relatively newer locking systems available to you. One of them is smart locks. Smart locks are a popular choice for many modern businesses because of the incredible benefits they have to offer. 

Keep reading on below to find out some top advantages you stand to gain by investing in these type of locks.

No need to worry about losing your keys.

One of the major downsides of traditional locks operated by the turn of a key is that the risk of losing or misplacing the key is always inherent, and as such, the person responsible for keeping the key safe may constantly worry that they will lose the key.

As they rely on a keyless locking mechanism, smart locks eliminate the need to carry keys with you everywhere you go or to constantly wonder if you kept the keys in the right place. Unlike traditional locks that may need a key to be opened or closed, smart locks are operated remotely using a smart phone, PC or any other internet-enabled device. 

Hence, you won't have to constantly check your pocket, purse or office drawer to check if the keys are still there.

Ability to monitor your premises wherever you are, whenever you want.

As already mentioned above, smart locks allow for remote operation of locks. This means you can check whether or not you locked your doors at any time of the day or night without being physically present at your commercial building. This way, you can eliminate any doubts and go about other activities without worrying about whether your premises are secure. 

With smart locks, you will have 24/7 control to check what's happening at your commercial premises while you are not around. Plus, you can get real-time notifications when there is a breach of security at your premises.

Thanks to the above discussed benefits and many more, more businesses are turning to smart locks to address their security concerns. Though smart locks are designed to function the same way, they have different capabilities or extras, so you should consult a professional commercial locksmith to know what type of lock is best for your business.