Two Steps You Should Take to Protect Your Valuable Belongings From Thieves

30 January 2018
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If you own several extremely valuable items, it's worth taking some steps to prevent them from being stolen. Here are two such steps.

Invest in an access control product for the room in which the items are being stored

If the windows and exterior doors of your home are secured with robust locks, you may feel that there is no need to spend time and money on additional forms of security.

However, it's important to realise that even the most robust mechanical door lock can be picked or broken open by a skilled burglar if they have the right type of tools.

As such, if you want to minimise the risk of your valuable goods being stolen, you should consider securing the room in which they are stored inside your home.

The best way to do this is to invest in an access control product, such as a digital keypad or biometric lock, for the internal door which leads to this area of your home.

This type of lock cannot be forcibly opened by a burglar, even if they have a selection of power tools at their disposal. Only those with the correct access code (or fingerprint or handprint) can gain entry to the room.

Access control products of this kind can cost quite a bit to install; however, they can provide a level of security which is unmatched by standard mechanical locks and, as such, are an excellent investment if your items are worth a great deal of money.

Keep them in a safe

In instances where it is not possible to use the above-mentioned products (because, for example, you live in a rental property and are not allowed to make any major changes to the property's doors), it is worth investing in a safe.

Keeping your belongings in a locked safe will significantly reduce the chances of these items being stolen, as even if a burglar manages to successfully break into your home, they will find it almost impossible to open the door of this storage device. This is because it can take several hours for a person to break open a safe. Most burglars are not willing to spend this much time in a house, as they know that the longer they are there, the more likely they are to get caught.

As such, very few burglars will even attempt to gain access to the goods housed in a safe.