2 Common Locksmith Emergencies You May Encounter with Electronic Locks

5 February 2018
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When it comes to dealing with locksmith emergency situations, you will need the services of a locksmith that operates 24/7. This is because locksmith emergencies can arise at any hour of the day or night, so you can never know exactly when you will be needing a locksmith to lend a helping hand. 

To ensure they provide clients with prompt and efficient solutions to various kinds of locksmith emergencies, today's 24/7 locksmiths have to constantly widen their skill-set and upgrade their work tools and equipment so they can handle new locksmith problems arising due to technological advances in the locksmith industry.

In this era of electronic locks, modern emergency locksmiths are being called out to handle new kinds of emergencies. If you're contemplating switching from a traditional door locking system to electronic door locks, here is a look at some common locksmith emergencies you may encounter.

Keypad or touchpad seems dead.

Typically, when the keys on keypads or touchpads used to operate electronic locks are pressed, they should make a beeping sound and/or the lights should come on. If there's no sound or lights, it means the keypad itself is faulty or not enough power is getting to it. Remove the batteries from the keypad and reconnect them. If the keypad still appears dead, try new batteries. If the new batteries don't solve your problem, then it means the keypad itself is defective. 

As there are many different reasons why your keypad may have stopped working, you should enlist the services of a certified emergency locksmith to identify the exact cause of the problem.

Lock operates just fine but there's no beeping sound or flashing lights.

The beeping sound or light that comes on when you are pressing the keys on your keypad or touchpad is meant to inform you that your lock is responding to your commands. Without this feedback, you may not be able to know if you are entering the right digits into your electronic locking system.

Even if your locks work without any sound or light, it is important to have the issue addressed post-haste. Your lock's feedback mechanism could be defective — the sounder or the flashing lights could be bad. If these components can't be repaired, you may need to replace the entire keypad.

The right emergency locksmith should not just be available 24/7, but also be able to attend to all problems you may experience with your electronic locks. Stay prepared by looking for the right emergency locksmith before needing one.