2 Essential Aspects to Consider When Choosing Digital Locks for Your Commercial Entry Doors

5 February 2018
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As the security needs of today's businesses change, smart business owners or managers must also be ready to upgrade their security systems or installations to minimise the risk of break-ins into their premises. Exterior doors are one of the most common entry points into commercial premises during break-in incidences. Fortunately, many modern locksmiths know what the up-to-the-minute security door locks are, and they can help progressive business owners or managers choose and fit the right type of locks on their external doors. 

As a general trend in the locksmith industry, security door locks are becoming more digitised by the day, thus eliminating the need to carry a bunch of keys around. If you do business in security-sensitive premises, and you are looking to enhance the security of the property by installing digital locks on your entry doors, below are two essential aspects to consider. 

Operation options 

One of the key things to think through when selecting digital locks for your commercial doors is how the locks can be operated. It is always a good idea to ensure your locks can be operated in more than one way, so you can have a back-up in case the default method of operation fails. If your digital door locks are designed to operate by entering a personalised code on a keypad, make sure you have optional ways to operate the locks — for example, by using a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or by using your fingerprint. A good digital door lock should be pretty much the same as a smartphone that has back-up methods of unlocking the device in case the owner forgets the security code or pattern.

Keypad button options

Another factor to consider is whether the keypad should have physical buttons or on-screen buttons. The traditional choice for door lock keypads is buttons. However, lock keypads with touchscreens are now also available on the market. If you love the good-old feeling of pressing a button, you should choose a keypad with physical buttons. However, you should consider if those buttons will be able to withstand constant operation for a long time. If not, you may be better off opting for on-screen buttons. 

By taking these two critical aspects into consideration, you should be able to choose user-friendly digital locks for your commercial entry doors. If you need expert advice on which type of locks you should install on your doors, feel free to contact a certified commercial locksmith