Hardware Replacement: Three Essential Tips for Selecting Internal Door Handles

5 February 2018
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The door hardware in your home can have a significant influence on the aesthetics of the space. Therefore, you should think about replacing these interior elements during your home remodel or redecoration project. Installing new handles will give your home a new and fresh look, and the process could increase the value of the house. However, you should remember that your benefits will depend on your door handle design and selection. Therefore, you should plan with care before purchasing handles and other accessories for your upgrade. Here are some essential tips to help you choose the best door handles.

Compare Different Styles

You should choose the right handle style for your interior entryways. This aspect will determine the functionality and appeal of your new hardware. There is no wrong or right decision; the best choice will depend on your home design, lifestyle and preferences. Knobs are quite popular in homes because of their traditional look. The style will give your house an elegant or transitional appearance. However, you should note that these can be difficult to open for young children and individuals with weak hands. Levers have a more modern look, but they can blend in most homes for a transitional look. Their ease of operation makes them ideal for a home with kids.

Choose Durable Materials

You should purchase door handles manufactured using durable materials. While these elements are not usually necessary for security, they are used frequently and heavily on a daily basis. Therefore, if they are not strong, the hardware will fail prematurely. Brass is a popular material choice because it is durable and warm. This copper-based alloy will provide prolonged service and will not degrade in a normal house environment. Stainless steel is also ideal for home use. The material is long-lasting, and it will not corrode in adverse conditions. If you would like a unique hardware material, you should consider porcelain. This choice is not highly resilient, but it performs quite well in residential applications.

Select the Right Finish

You should compare different door hardware finished for your chosen material before making your final decision. A door handle with a great finish will enhance the appeal of your interior design and complement your current décor. If you are interested in a contemporary look, you should choose polished or satin finished for your doors. There are also matte alternatives for a more subtle decorative effect. You should also consider antique finishes such as distressed and tarnished finishes for an aged appearance.