Exploring Digital Home Locking Systems

20 February 2018
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After many years of homeowners struggling with lost keys, broken keys and traditional locking systems, technology has finally given rise to digital home locks. These new systems now give homeowners the flexibility of locking/unlocking their homes using mobile devices such as smart phones and software programs. Some of these systems work in conjunction with your current door locks, and some may require the installation of a new locking system from the ground up.

Digital locks can be placed adjacent to traditional systems, where they add functionality via keyless entry or a digital display with more advanced commands. Some are also capable of receiving Bluetooth signals from mobile devices in order to close or open.

The working principle

Digital home locks operate on the basic principle of transmitting signals from mobile devices and other platforms to the actual locking mechanism. Digital door locks are produced with the main purpose of adding security features to mechanical locks while increasing the efficiency of traditional systems.

A digital locking system will typically be set up to receive Bluetooth signals from a third-party device. When the two signals match, a direct current is generated into the locking system that causes the lock to rotate in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

This causes the door to open and for you to gain access to your home. The DC current is then interrupted, after which the lock rotates back to a closed position. This signal transmission mechanism is what makes it possible for digital locks to open doors without the need for physical keys.


Smart locks with automated bolts

Digital locks can take the form of a smart lock that replaces your traditional deadbolt system. The new smart lock can receive instructions from mobile and web applications in order to trigger certain functions.

In addition to locking/unlocking without the need for physical keys, these smart locks can keep track of entry data and notify you when someone enters the home. You can also program the lock in advance to determine what hours the doors will remain open or closed.

Keyless entry systems with digital displays

There are also smart locks that are equipped with digital displays and access codes. You can either type in the access code to open the door, or use a mobile application to transmit the unlocking signal.

The digital display on the lock allows you to create personalised codes for anyone entering the home. This makes it possible to keep track of who entered the house and when. The digital display is also convenient to use when you don't have access to your mobile phone or tablet to unlock the door.

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