Replacing a Lock? Consider These 3 Types of Keys

27 February 2018
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Have you decided to replace the lock on your front door after a burglary? Read on and discover some of the types of keys that are available as you select a lock for your front door.

Single-Sided Keys

Single-sided keys are keys that can only enter a lock if the key is positioned in a particular way. This key variety is the most basic variety available on the market. Their simplicity makes them affordable to make or duplicate. However, single-sided keys may be hard for you to use if you are trying to get into your home quickly. For example, you may fumble to push the key into the lock if your mind is distracted by a stray animal or someone that followed you home. Such fumbling can eventually result in the key and the lock sustaining damage.

Double-Sided Keys

Another type of key that you can consider when you are comparing the different locks on the market is the double-sided key. This type of key can enter the lock regardless of how you position the key. A simple example of such a key is a car key. You don't have to position your car key in a specific way to get it into the lock, do you? Double-sided keys eliminate the hassles associated with guessing the correct side of single-sided keys. They may also be a little harder to duplicate when compared to single-sided keys.

Four-Sided Keys

A more complex type of key is the four-sided key. This key can only work in case all its four sides fit perfectly into a lock. Four-sided keys are ideal for individuals who live in locations that have suffered numerous cases of unauthorised people gaining entry into homes using forged keys. The four-sided key is harder to copy since all its sides must have the exact dimensions that the lock was designed to accept. The four-sided key is also easy to fit into the lock since it is primarily designed to work in the same way as a two-sided key.

Ask a mobile locksmith to come and install the new lock that you select after identifying the type of key which is best suited to your needs. The professional will take all the necessary precautions, such as double-checking all the lock measurements, to conduct a flawless installation. Additionally, you can always consult them in case you have issues with your locks in future.