3 Reasons to Use Mobile Locksmiths for Your Business Lock Repair

30 October 2018
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If you own a business, then you know that a break in can happen at any time. Regardless of your security measures, the chances of a break in are still there. One of the first things that may include robberies or attempted robberies, start with is tampering with the lock. This often leaves the locks damaged if they do not open fast enough or from simply damage of trying to break the lock totally and enter the building. This means you will need lock replacement or repair. If this is the case, you may want to consider the three reasons to use a mobile locksmith rather than a traditional locksmith option.

1. Security Systems Installation 

One of the main reasons that businesses use a mobile locksmith for lock repairs from robberies is due to the security system installation. A mobile locksmith can arrive quickly and asses if the lock can be connected to a security system. You may already have security systems in place for your business, but you may have overlooked the lock itself. Your mobile locksmith can suggest an option and install that option on the repaired lock as well as other locks in the building. This can give you added security as well as possibly reduce your insurance liability.

2. Upgrades to Your Lock

On the spot upgrades to your lock are also a reason to consider using mobile locksmiths for your lock repair. Though they can install a similar lock to the one that was in place, you may decide that an upgrade is ideal. Most mobile locksmiths can install an upgrade such as a basic keypad system or other keyless entry options. They can also connect these options to area security systems such as a police-connected alarm. This upgrade can then be done on other locks in your buildings during that service call or a service call the following business day.

3. Total Replacement

In some cases, you may have to have the lock totally replaced. This means that your business would be left open to possibly intruders until you can get your traditional locksmith to come to the business the next business day. This is where a mobile locksmith is an ideal option. They can replace the lock easily and have your business secure well before the next business day. Though you can install a quick lock system yourself, the mobile locksmith will have options that are affordable and with upgraded features that your store-bought lock may not have.

Though you can still use a traditional locksmith service for your rekeying and lock installation needs, having a mobile locksmith can make repairs due to lock damage from robberies quicker and easier. If you think that having a mobile locksmith in mind is ideal for your business needs, contact your local mobile locksmiths today for price quotes and service plan options.