Crucial Information that Locksmiths Need When Upgrading a Keyless Lock System

21 October 2020
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Keyless locks have become a popular security option for businesses. They are convenient and arguably more secure than traditional locks. As the name suggests, keyless lock systems do not need a key to gain access. Depending on the type you install, access to keyless entryways can be acquired by keying a code, scanning a card, using a remote control, or running your fingerprint. That said, keyless lock systems need to be upgraded after some time to guarantee security. However, you need to provide a locksmith with crucial information before they can upgrade your keyless lock system. This article highlights vital information to give a locksmith when upgrading a keyless lock system.

Number of People who Need Access -- One advantage that keyless lock systems have over traditional locks is that they can accommodate many access requests. It is achieved by creating a database of people that should be granted access. However, the number might change over time as a business grows. Nonetheless, a locksmith requires the information when upgrading your keyless lock system. An upgrade ensures that a security system aligns with your security needs. For instance, if you aim to employ more people in the next few months, a keyless system should be ready to accommodate and deal with an avalanche of access requests. It is best done during an upgrade.

Revised Security Requirements -- Over time, security needs of businesses change due to various factors. Therefore, upgrading an existing keyless lock system must accommodate the changes. For instance, if your business needs an additional server room, you might convert a store for that purpose. However, you must upgrade to a more robust lock system if the current one is less secure because server rooms are sensitive. Therefore, a locksmith will upgrade your lock to a type that uses a fingerprint scan to grant access. It ensures that access to controlled rooms is only given to personnel whose fingerprints are in the system.

System Integration Preferences -- The modern locksmith understands that businesses run different operations with one main goal: profitability. However, the data collected on a keyless lock system might help to manage a workplace better. For this reason, companies prefer to integrate existing systems to reap the benefits of increased efficiency. A keyless lock system can play a crucial role in such integration because of the plethora of data it collects. For example, if you want single sign-on capabilities, a locksmith will upgrade your keyless lock and integrate it with a human resource application. It allows employers to deactivate access to multiple systems when an employee's access card gets lost. Find locksmiths in your area today.