3 Ways of Enhancing the Security of Your Door

19 March 2021
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Most homeowners only think about surveillance cameras, alarms, and motion detectors when discussing home security systems. While they are crucial in securing your home, the gadgets are just part of a security system. The locks on your doors and windows are also vital to your home's overall security. With homeowners increasingly becoming tech-savvy, upgrading locks is critical to maintaining security. This article highlights ways you can upgrade doors to achieve a robust security system. 

Install Windowless Doors

Doors with window panes are a popular choice for homeowners for several reasons. The glass allows natural light into a home, which is crucial for houses with narrow foyers. Additionally, the windows make it easy to confirm someone's identity before inviting them into the house. However, door windows are a security threat since burglars can smash the glass and easily reach for the lock inside. To protect the integrity of your door lock, you should do away with the windows. A solid door is strong and can withstand kicks or hammering. Although door windows are aesthetically appealing, you should prioritise security.

Install Multiple Locks

Centre locks are the most common type in residential homes. However, no matter how strong a centre lock is, burglars tend to aim for the top and bottom sections of a door when breaking into a house. They are the weakest points of your home's security system. Therefore, rather than rely on a single centre lock system, you can upgrade your door by adding secondary locks at the top and the bottom. The upgrade makes it impossible for burglars to kick in the top and bottom corners of your door. The best part is that adding secondary locks to your door is cheaper than installing a security screen door.   

Install a Letterbox Guard

A letterbox is a convenient way for mail carriers to drop packages inside your home rather than leave them on your patio. Unfortunately, burglars have discovered that a letterbox is a weak point on any door, particularly for homeowners that have a habit of leaving their keys in the lock. Notably, burglars can insert a hooked wire through a letterbox and yank the key from a lock without breaking a sweat. You can prevent such vulnerability by making a letterbox guard part of your door's security system. The guard acts as a lid to the slot and prevents access to a door's lock by any means. Thus, burglars cannot fish for your keys lying on a foyer table nor manipulate the lock.  

For more information about home security systems, contact a local professional.